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6 Reasons Why Winning Awards Still Matters

Winning awards still matters. They’re not simply a pay-for-play vanity exercise. Here are 6 audiences that take notice of the awards your company wins.

What It’s Really Like Judging an Awards Program

It’s important to understand what the process is like judging an awards program, so that you better understand the program’s value.

The Case for Paying for Awards

Paying for awards is unavoidable. Ever wondered where your money goes? This blog post will help you see the big picture a bit differently.

Why I Started the Technology Awards List

Ironically, I started Technology Awards List because I wanted to exit the PR industry. However, I ended up sticking around.

Showing It Off: Best Uses of Awards

Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off and you won the award. What will you do now? Here’s a look at what you can do to show it off.

The ROI of Awards

The ROI of Awards

Awards programs are usually not free to enter or promote. Be sure you have analytics and attribution in place to track your ROI of awards.



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