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We do the research so you don’t have to.

You have better things to worry about than what awards programs to enter. Let us help you make sense of the world of awards by shortlisting those that are most relevant to you. We can even help you apply and track your spend, too.

Our Story

We started this because we wanted to help tech PR and marketing folks do their jobs better.

Awards are never the core of a marketing program—we get it.

But they help drive brand awareness. And let’s face it: we need to use award-winning whenever we can in blogs, ads, bio’s, tweets, and pretty much anywhere else we write about our company or clients.

They can also get expensive, as we all know, applying for and promoting awards is not free.

We want Technology Awards List to be your resource to help you not only manage but also maximize your awards efforts.



Meet The Team

Jake Wengroff

Founder & Product Owner

As a career content marketing strategist for B2B and SaaS companies, Jake wanted to solve a pain point for fellow tech marketers. He launched the Technology Awards List in mid-2019 to help PR and communications professionals like himself make better sense of the world of awards.

Previously in his career, Jake served as the global director of corporate communications and social media strategy for consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. While at Frost, Jake was responsible for the promotion of over 300 Best Practices awards issued globally each year.

He has also served as a judge for The Stevies on and off for 17 years, having evaluated over 500 submissions.

A former technology reporter for CBS Radio, Jake continues to write and blog about mobility, security, e-commerce, Web development, and IoT.

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